DepartmentNational and International Security

Department Chair

 Prof. Nikolay Radulov, Ph.D.


Academic Position: Professor
Scientific degree: PhD
Major research interests in the field of: intelligence analysis, management of the special services  and MIA(Ministry of Internal Affairs), intelligence and counterintelligence, special intelligence tools, technological counteraction to terrorism.

Additional research interests in the field of: crisis management in securitization, secret surveillance technologies. Opportunities for expertise in the field of: analysis, intelligence, counter-intelligence, special intelligence, civil security, anti-terrorism.Teaching interests in: security management, application and management of special intelligence tools, effective intelligence and counterintelligence, globalization and anti-terrorism.

Education: (Where its received):
2014 until now: Professor at NBU, “Department of National and International Security”.
2012-2014: Associate Professor at NBU, “Department of National and International Security”
1992 - Transport Security Institute, USA, anti-terrorism course.
1986-1992 - Academy of Ministry of Defense "G. S. Rakovski ", Ph.D. in Management, subject “Management Culture”, Doctor of Philosophy
1977-1981 - Academy of the Ministry of Interior, Master in Public Order and Security.

Membership in organizations:
Member of the Publishing Board of "Security" magazine;
Member of the publishing house of
Member of the Torun International Studies magazine at “Nicolaus Copernicus University” in Torun, Poland,( )
Vice President of NAAF (National Anti-Crime and Counter-terrorism Forum - a non-governmental organization for monitoring and counteracting terrorism and crime);
Member of the Union of Bulgarian Commandos;
Member of the International Police Organization.
Participation in national and international projects:
2014 - Implementation of international security standards – “Nicolaus Copernicus University” (Poland)

Important publications:

Monographs and collections:

"Special Investigative Tools", published in 2010 in Sofia, "ASI print", with a volume of 268 pages, a collection of articles "National (non) security", "AES Print", C, 2012, 444 p. "Intelligence Analysis", "ASI Print", C, 2013, 430 p.

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Contact information:
Building 2, Room 202
Tel. 02/8110 642; ext. 22022